Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Don't Litter: Norwegian Guy Catches a Fish that Swallowed Grossness


This guy...well you will have to follow the link to the Huffington Post Article here to get the explanation for the picture above.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Check this out: Kype Magazine

Well hopefully you have been spending as much time on the water as we have.  I had to take a break from all the driving, bug slinging and fly tying to make sure you know about this awesome online magazine.  It is run by one of the best fly tyers we know (she is also pretty awesome with the fly rod too) Aileen Lane from MKFlies.  Follow her on twitter and instagram.  Back to the point.  Check out this awesome online magazine.  You can also click on the magazine on the top of the column on the left side of this page to jump directly into it.  You will love it!

(from the Kype Magazine Web Page)
A kype is a hook that forms on the lower jaw of a male trout, salmon or steelhead, during spawning periods. This is their badge of power and dominance, that is unique to only these species. It’s an explanation point, similar to the rack of a male deer—a sign of a warrior—a sign of strength. These kype-busting-bucks are known to burn-out drag systems, shatter graphite, and snap leaders as if they were a strand of hair–and with such a mark of strength, thus the title of our magazine, KYPE.
Kype represents a new and refreshing approach to salmon, trout, and steelheading focusing on West Coast rivers, Great Lakes tributaries and trout streams across the continent.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Micro-Nymphing for Trout

Micro-Nymphing for Trout Quick Guide:

Micro-Nymphing in simple terms is a focus on fishing small nymph patterns that "match the hatch" for the local body of water.

Here are some keys to doing it effectively:

  • Do use this technique when you are fishing for heavily pressured wild trout.
  • Do fish a double nymph rig with about 15 to 18 inches of tippet between each fly.
  • Do place your split shot approximately 6 inches above the fly.
  • Do adjust...everything, all the time.  There are times where we will change split shot size and move split shot location a number of times before finding the sweat spot on a particular day.
  • Do fish two small flies (by small we mean naturally small...to know this you need to know what food sources and sizes of food sources are in the stream...flip some rocks or ask your local fly shop.)
  • Do use light tippet and leaders. Most of our pressured waters 6x will suffice.
  • Do start with a very minimal amount of weight and work your way up depending on the section of water you are fishing.  Note: This is different than Czech-nymphing which is designed to fish deep fast pockets for trout, in czech-nymphing dropping your flies through the water table fast is essential.  The focus for micro-nymphing is to present subsurface as naturally as possible.  You want your flies to behave in the water as realistically as possible.
  • Do avoid using weighted flies.
  • Do lose the idea of an attractor fly.  You will be fishing where the fish are and presenting them with a natural food source.  Finding the fish is your first task, before getting your line wet.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Used Freestone Waders For Sale

Simms Waders for sale by our newest CRO Crew member (introduction to come soon) Jason. These are the Freestone Model size medium and have been only used for 1 year. Only $175. You can't beat that anywhere unless you buy a pair of cheep waders that will fall apart in a year. These waders are built tough.
Email cro.flyfishing@gmail.com if you are interested. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A simple reason to fish wild trout in PA

Sometimes Pennsylvania fly fisherman get a bad rap from our brothers up north or out west.  Some unedjeucated fly fishermen assume all fly-fishing in PA is done for hatchery fish dumped from buckets or boxes into streams.  In actuality PA has some of the most delicate an historic wild trout spring creeks in the country. Our favorite is Spring Creek, but other waters include the historic Letort and a big favorite called Big Spring (recently featured in Fly Fisherman Magazine).

We prefer to fish for these beautiful wild trout. Get out an try it if you haven't. 

"A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it." Arnold Gingrich

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Fly Tournament Results (March 16th 2014)

Luke slinging his Loop Opti Creek and a Cross1 4wt
Photos by Crystal and Greg Wood
Bobby doing work.

Congrats to our very own Luke Ott and Bobby Wolfgang for winning the one fly tournament hosted by Rivers Outdoors Adventures to benefit SCTU.  They landed the win despite facing difficult conditions, tough competition, and all those hard to calculate variables, like who fished where and with what before you, that go into a one fly tournament.  
Tyler from Natural Pursuit Outdoors even gave the boys a shot out with this quote: "I knew the CRO boys would have it locked up. Congrats Bobby Wolfgang and Luke Ott!"  
But the CRO Boys almost lost to, two other CRO Boys...Matt and Ryan Warner
These #crocrew brothers slammed it pretty good giving Bobby and Luke a run for their money coming in just one fish behind the CRO CREW.  The inch differential made it apparent that all the Warner Brothers needed to do was catch one more fish measuring out at just 37" to tie for first.  Sounds like everyone had fun and keep your eye open...I hear that Rivers Outdoor's Adventures Fly Shop will be hosting more fun events in the near future.
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  The money raised went to supporting our local Trout Unlimited Chapter.  Thanks to Greg Wood for putting a lot of work into the event and for River's Outdoor Adventures and SCTU for supporting the event.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Store Your Fly Gear Like a Boss

Get a Big Container.
Smother it with stickers.
Add magnetic strips or a pad.  
Fill it with stuff.
Serves as a table for sippy cups and other stuff.
Add handles to make dragging and lifting a much easier experience.

See pictures bellow for a how too.

Old wading boot laces work well, para-chord will work too.
Knot loops for handles.

Run it through the holes in the container (Slowly drill some holes if your container doesn't have any).

Run the chord or laces all way through the container and through the whole in the other side.
This adds strength to the handles and provides a guide for how far you can fill the tub.

Add containers for organization.  This is a great way to keep fly boxes and other important gear organized and it also helps keep hooks and nippers away from waders and wading jackets.  If you are a guide it is also a great way to keep your client waiver forms and other important stuff dry.